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GATE-2012 ECE Q11 (signals)

Posted By Krishna Sankar On December 27, 2012 @ 6:06 am In GATE | 1 Comment

Question 11 on signals from GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2012 Electronics and Communication Engineering paper.

Q11. The unilateral Laplace transform of is . The unilateral Laplace transform ofis






From the definition of Laplace transform [1] for a function defined for all real numbers  is,

 , where

 with real numbers  and .

To find the Laplace transform of , let us differentiate the above equation by on both sides,





Further using the reciprocal rule [2] from calculus, the derivative of  is given by,



Applying these two aspects to the problem,



Based on the above, the right choice is (D) .


Comment : What does the term ‘unilateral’ stand for in the statement unilateral Laplace transform ?



[1] GATE Examination Question Papers [Previous Years] from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras http://gate.iitm.ac.in/gateqps/2012/ec.pdf [3]

[2] Laplace transform [1]

[3] Reciprocal rule [2]



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