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Quiz on IEEE 802.11a specifications

Posted By Krishna Sankar On October 7, 2009 @ 5:56 am In OFDM | 10 Comments

The IEEE 802.11a specifications [1] are used by many to understand a wireless communication link built using OFDM. In this post, I have put together a set of 10 multiple choice questions based on 802.11a specifications. The questions are on the building blocks in 802.11a specifications, preamble structure and so on. Upon completion of the quiz, you will be lead to a page showing the correct answers and their explanations.

Click here to download IEEE 802.11a specifications [1].

Note: The quiz might not be visible on RSS reader or over email. Please visit the site to access the quiz.

Good luck!

The spacing between subcarriers in 802.11a specifications is

The duration of an OFDM symbol in 802.11a specification is

The coding scheme used in 802.11a specifications is

The number of used subcarriers in 802.11a specification is

The modulation used in SIGNAL field in 802.11a specification is

The acronym CCA in 802.11a specification stands for

The number of short preambles used in 802.11a specification is

The duration of the long preamble in 802.11a specification is

The number of TAIL bits in 802.11a specification is

The transmitter center frequency tolerance in 802.11a specification is

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